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Mental Health and Creativity

Acting Out! TALK

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Featuring Mark Hunter Nick Cavalier and Dr Patrick Runnels

This very intimate presentation with Mark Hunter, Nick Cavalier and Dr Patrick Runnels will cover the connection between mental health while also covering the career pitfalls of those issues.

Mark Hunter

“Mark Hunter is a commercial photographer and the lead vocalist of Cleveland heavy metal band Chimaira. Hunter and Chimaira toured the world several times over selling a million plus albums while appearing on the Billboard Top 50 five times. After semi-retiring from music in 2014 Hunter utilized his creative skillset to focus on commercial photography full-time. Hunter has been outspoken about mental health and is no stranger to the gift/curse that is Hypomania a functional form of Bipolar.”

Nick Cavalier

Nick Cavalier is an award winning director of music videos, commercials and documentary content. A visual and character-focused director, Nick is known for his gritty guerilla filmmaking style and poetic hero centered themes. Nick has been honored with awards and selections at festivals such as SXSW, Palm Springs, Cleveland International and many many more.  His work is featured in multiple national publications including New York Times, Devour, HYPEBEAST, Alternative Press, G4, Fast Company, Juxtapoz Magazine and many more. Nick is more recently lauded for his award-winning film and character portrait on famed artist Derek Hess titled “Forced Perspective” available now through Gravitas Ventures & Redbull TV. Nick Struggles with Bipolar Disorder and tends to gravitate to the underdog story because of his experiences in life. Having a mental illness and dealing with it’s effects has directly effected his work for the better.

Dr Patrick Runnels

Patrick Runnels attended medical school at the University of Missouri, Columbia, completing his general psychiatry residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and the Public Psychiatry Fellowship at Columbia University, during which he worked in public policy both at the New York State Office of Mental Health.

Since moving to Cleveland in 2008, his clinical work has focused on homelessness, complex trauma and schizophrenia. He has served as medical Director at The Centers for Families and Children for the past 7 years, where, among other things, he helped with implementation of one of the original 13 SAMHSA PBHCI grants, has overseen the development of a psychiatric nurse practitioner fellowship program, and has helped implement numerous projects related to integrated primary care and mental health care throughout the Cleveland area. Beyond his work in community settings, he serves as Director of Ambulatory Care in the Department of Psychiatry for the University Hospitals heath care system.

In his academic role, he is an associate professor and serves as Director of the Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, which has included a model of collaborative training with psychiatric NPs and psychiatrists as well as distance participation through video technology. The fellowship has trained 45 clinicians over the last eight years, making it the second largest of its kind in the country, and is the recipient of the Scholarship in Teaching award at CWRU. He has also been the co-principal investigator for a MEDTAPP grant to improve workforce development in behavioral health to serve the Medicaid population in Ohio.

He served on the board for the American Association of Community Psychiatry from 2009 – 2016 as director of communication. He also serves as co-chair of the National Council Medical Director Institute and will taking over as the chair for the APA Council on Government relations in May. He has been recognized as the clinician of the year both by NAMI Greater Cleveland and by NAMI National.


September 14, 2017




Black Market
5407 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102